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Research Departments


Our biotechnology research group consists of scientists and engineers who develop innovative solutions for challenges in the life sciences, such as creating new drugs, engineering organisms, and designing diagnostic tools. Our goal is to translate scientific discoveries into practical applications that improve human health, food security, and sustainable development. With our individual researcher’s expertise in molecular biology, genetics, and bioprocessing, our research group is a key driver of innovation in the industry.


The bioinformatics research group is a team of experts who use advanced computational methods to analyze and interpret complex biological data sets. Our team works closely with biologists and other experts in the life sciences to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems. With our researcher’s expertise in areas such as machine learning and algorithm development, our research team is well-positioned to drive new discoveries and innovations in the field of bioinformatics.


The Biosensors research group develops cutting-edge technologies that use biological molecules to detect and analyze specific compounds or reactions in biological samples. Our team works on projects such as medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring and is comprised of scientists and engineers with expertise in biochemistry, biophysics, and materials science. With our researcher’s innovative biosensor technologies, our team is poised to make a significant impact on human health and the environment.